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Wireless receiver

USB power operation

It doesn’t need other electric power supply. The receiver works with USB electric power only.

Unlimited receiver channel

Digital wireless type supports unlimited channel. User can use many receivers with only one camera. Buy as many receivers as rooms you have and all you have to bring is the camera.

No more cords, be wireless!

We’ve Built a Better Mouse

Mouse mode allows the camera to transform Into a wireless mouse.

Avoid cross contamination or glove removal by utilizing our camera’s built-In mouse.



Function display

Cool, Warm or original

With just a click, the Enhance Color Impression feature automatically improves lighting, color saturation and more!


Camera color effects

Camera Head Connection

The camera head can be easily removed to incorporate alternate camera heads such as caries detection. Other brands require the purchase of a separate unit as a whole for battery relacement, lens replacement and other repairs
or adjustments. Our state of the art removable head pop-off feature, eliminates these types of inconveniences as well as enabling additional state-of-the-art features to be added to your camera.


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